Molecular Gastronomy + Food Surrealism

Food Hacking

Towards an anarchist food aesthetic.

a project of unicorn precinct xiii

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Food Hacking Projects
2010.01.01[link]Race: Cookbook Iditarod, 365 Cookbooks in 365 Days [NEW]
2009.06.06[link]Platform: Food Genome [NEW]
2009.05.05[link]Visualization: Food Genome Starcharts [NEW]
2008.12.19[link]Tour: Winter 2009 Food Hacking Tour
2008.07.20[link]Lab: Cooklyn Food Lab - Lab 24/7
2008.07.18[link]Presentation: Kitchen Hack Lab: Interactive Food Disassembly - The Last HOPE
2008.05.31[link]Gauntlet: Food Hacking: Advanced Food Disassembly - Summercon 2008
2008.03.03[link]Workshop: Kitchen Hack Lab: Food Hacking for Techies - O'Reilly ETech 2008 Conference
2007.10.10[link]Fundraiser: Dorkbot SF: Todd Blair Benefit
2007.10.07[link]BBS: Kitchen Hacklab - Latest Recipe Developments, Research, Collaboration
2007.10.04[link]Fundraiser: Quintin Mecke for Mayor (yes we are working on multiple campaigns!)
2007.08.21[link]Fundraiser: Chicken John for Mayor
2007.07.13[link]Video: Community Building Through Food Hacking (Supper Club Footage)
2007.03.09[link]Game: Delicious Corpse
2006.11.14[link]Tour: Food Hacking West Coast Cooking Tour Winter 2006
2006.07.22[link]Presentation: HOPE 2006 - Hack The Palate! How to Set Up a Kitchen Hack Lab
2006.07.01[link]Tour: Food Hacking East Coast Cooking Tour Summer 2006
2006.06.01[link]Wiki: Food Hacking Wiki - Collaborative Recipe Development, Tech Notes [OLD]
2006.02.08[link]Blog: UPXIII Food Hackers Supper Club - Recipe Development Blog [OLD]
Presentation: Dorkbot SF - Food Hackers Guide to Molecular Gastronomy
Chefs are a lot like hardware hackers. Both geek out, absorbing the specs of (vegetables|technology) for the purpose of creating something that nobody else has: (innovative food|new machines). So what happens when the kitchen becomes a hack lab? Something delicious. Something geeky.
2005.12.20[link]Reviews: Books We Like Recommendations - Food Hackers Cookbooks [OLD]
Food hacking, molecular gastronomy, towards an anarchist food aesthetic.